Ask Jack 4/19/10

ask jack6 Ask Jack 4/19/10Q: Jack, I’ve noticed that you sign all of your advice columns as “Dr. J.”  Exactly WHAT kind of DOCTOR are you?!

Alan Thomas – Crystal, MN

A: What a softball question.  You guys really need to start coming with some better stuff… this one’s just too easy.

I hold a PhD in Bovine Excrement Sciences…

… more commonly referred to as a “PhD in B.S.”

Thanks for the question, Alan!

“Dr. J”

  • ivan

    i am trying to find out the name of this band you guys play all the time it sounds like the beach boys but they sing in french.i just can’t remember their name . thanks

    • t.henry

      That would be Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand

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