Fear the Deer…

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bango the buck Fear the Deer...Those wacky Wisconsinites…

We saw footage of Rumble The Bison attempting a dunk like this last week.

The difference here is, Bango actually made the dunk.

After climbing to the top of a 16 foot ladder and firing up the crowd a bit, Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks jumps, does a backflip, and puts the ball through the rim. Crowd goes nuts!

This is one of those stunts that seems like it could get out of hand. Where does it end? A dunk from the rafters? Parachuting in for a dunk? Jumping of Clutch’s inflated ego for a dunk?

Somebody is going to get hurt, but it’s all in the name of fun.

Bango The Deer’s Death Defying Dunk video after the jump:

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