Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Provides Score For Fringe Episode

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pearljam Pearl Jams Mike McCready Provides Score For Fringe Episode[lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm] guitarist Mike McCready has scored an entire episode of the Fox show Fringe. Producers for the sci-fi series originally contacted the band to get permission to use the song “Just Breathe,” but eventually McCready signed on to create music for the full episode.

“It’s a completely different kind of songwriting than what I’m used to,” McCready told Rolling Stone. “Chris Chilton, who writes the music, gave me some ideas and I transcribed them on guitar. They told me they wanted some sort of Northwest, dark-type feelings. It’s a very dark show, so I played a darker kind of guitar tone and even stuff that doesn’t sound like guitar, and a little bit of piano.”

McCready has previously produced the score for the surfing documentary Westsiders. He also contributed to the movie Almost Famous.

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