Courtney Love Rumored To Sell Her Stake Of The Nirvana Catalogue

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courtneylove 1019093 Courtney Love Rumored To Sell Her Stake Of The Nirvana CatalogueA representative for [lastfm]Courtney Love [/lastfm]is denying rumors that she is shopping her stake in her late husband [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm]‘s song catalog. It had been reported by the New York Daily News that the Hole frontwoman was debating whether to sell her stake in the[lastfm] Nirvana [/lastfm]catalog for $162 million.

The representative told Entertainment Weekly, however, that there was “nothing to” the speculation.

“Not a clue [how the rumor started],” the rep added, saying that she had not heard of Oaktree Capital, a investment firm that Love had reportedly been shopping the rights to.

The report in the Daily News said that Love had been planning to sell her share to Oaktree.

“Courtney thinks the catalogue comes with too many memories,” a source reportedly told the publication.

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