Nas And Santana Connect For AC/DC Cover

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carlossantana 1030091 Nas And Santana Connect For AC/DC Cover[lastfm]Wyclef [/lastfm]did it. [lastfm]Rob Thomas [/lastfm]did it. Now it’s [lastfm]Nas[/lastfm]‘ turn.

The Queens-based MC is lending his vocal stylings to legendary guitarist [lastfm]Carlos Santana[/lastfm]‘s upcoming release. The currently untitled album will feature a slew of collaborations on a handful of cover songs. Nas will perform a rendition of [lastfm]AC/DC[/lastfm]‘s classic, “Back in Black.”

[lastfm]Carlos Santana [/lastfm]is no stranger to duets. In 1999, the guitarist had his biggest hit ever with “Smooth,” which featured [lastfm]Matchbox 20 [/lastfm]frontman [lastfm]Rob Thomas[/lastfm]. The track was featured on his Supernatural album, which included numerous other guest appearances.

This time around, however, Santana and friends will cover the hits of yesteryear. The album is expected to include collaborations with [lastfm]Joe Cocker [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Chris Cornell [/lastfm]on covers of [lastfm]Hendrix[/lastfm]‘s “Little Wing” and [lastfm]Led Zeppelin'[/lastfm]s “Whole Lotta Love,” respectively.

The [lastfm]Doors[/lastfm] [lastfm]Ray Manzarek [/lastfm]will also make an appearance, lending a hand to Santana on a version of his group’s classic, “Riders on the Storm.” The album is due out on September 1.

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