California Medical Board Questions Conrad Murray’s ‘Fundamental Judgment’

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michaeljackson 1022093 California Medical Board Questions Conrad Murrays Fundamental JudgmentA California attorney general has suspended the medical license of [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]‘s former doctor, but that’s not enough for the state’s medical board. The board has filed its second formal request that the attorney general revoke Dr. Dr. Conrad Murray‘s license entirely, arguing that he is a danger to society.

“While the defendant asserts that he will not practice in California, there is no legal bar to him changing his mind and engaging in practice in this state,” reads the request. “It is not just his ‘prescribing’ practices that are in question, but his fundamental judgment and skill as a physician.”

Since Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter in February, his medical license has also been restricted in Texas and is currently under review in Nevada.

Both California and Texas have also barred Murray from prescribing any high-grade sedatives like Propofol, the drug found to have killed the late King of Pop.

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