Oasis Film Or Book Might Be On The Horizon

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liamgallagher Oasis Film Or Book Might Be On The Horizon[lastfm]Liam Gallagher[/lastfm] says he’d like to turn his time with the [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] into either a book or film in the near future.

In an exclusive interview posted on the website of the Pretty Green clothing company, Gallagher said he’d love to work on a project such as a book or film. A release of some sort would happen “without a doubt” and “very soon,” he said, noting he’d want to write down his memories with the group “before I forget them all.”

Gallagher is the owner and founder of Pretty Green, where he also works as a designer behind the company’s vast selection of polos, parkas, and hats.

While it might be a while before a tell-all Oasis book hits the shelves, Gallagher’s more immediate plans will take Pretty Green from the web to the street.

“We’re looking to do a temporary store in London this summer,” he said.

Liam was recently named “The Greatest Frontman of All Time” by Q Magazine.

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