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blondie385 Blondie Plot Next Release

[lastfm]Debbie Harry[/lastfm]‘s long-running outfit [lastfm]Blondie[/lastfm] have a new album in the works. Billboard confirmed this week that the band’s next release, Panic of Girls, will hit store shelves soon.

Though the group is currently unsigned, drummer [lastfm]Clem Burke[/lastfm] is still confident that the album will see the light of day fairly soon. According to an interview with Billboard, Burke expects the album to drop in Australia before their tour down under in late 2010, with a U.S. release to be expected in early 2011.

Panic of Girls was recorded late last year in Woodstock, New York, marking only the second time Blondie has recorded outside of Manhattan.

“We were living in the country out there, kind of the antithesis of the urbanite kind of atmosphere that exists around Blondie,” Burke told Billboard. “We tried to make the recording process as organic as possible and tried to stay away from programming as much as we could, because The Curse of Blondie [the group’s last effort, 2001] had a lot of programming on it. So in the spirit of Woodstock, we kept going in the studio and playing.”

Blondie is currently performing a handful of the new material on tour.

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