Soundgarden Bassist Says He’s ‘Totally Broke’

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soundgarden1 385x2401 Soundgarden Bassist Says Hes Totally BrokeThough [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm] have enjoyed a return to the limelight with their recent reunion, life is far from perfect for bassist [lastfm]Ben Shepherd[/lastfm]. In a new interview with Spin magazine, the 41-year-old revealed that he is out of money and has even been staying with friends.

The “Black Hole Sun” hitmakers made a triumphant return to the stage at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival earlier this month, but according to Shepherd, he has no real home to return to.

“Literally. I’ve been sleeping on studio couches and at friends’ houses,” he said. ” I’m totally broke.”

He continues on to explain that it has been a rough road since Soundgarden initially split in 1997.

“My whole life seemed over. Soundgarden broke up; my other band, [lastfm]Hater[/lastfm], broke up; my fiancée broke up with me; and then I broke three ribs,” he said.

Shepherd added, “I got addicted to pain pills, drank a ton, and wound up OD’ing on morphine. I was laid out in my house for five days, and no one knew it. It was a f**king horrible time – this total rock’n’roll cliché.”

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