Top 5 Irishmen We Want to Hit With a Shillelagh

Guinness, Corned Beef, Four Leaf Clovers, and, uh, Enya… There are lots of great things that have come out of Ireland.  But some Irish people can be real bastards.  The following is a list of five people who would probably be well served by a beat-down from another great Irish invention, the shillelagh.

Bob Geldof

“And the Christmas Bells that Ring there are the Clanging Chimes of DOOM!”

Yeah, you would THINK that line would be from some awesome Death Metal Christmas compilation. But alas, it is from that Band Aid collaboration “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” a song so pretentious, it makes charity seem like a bad idea.

Bob Geldof is the main person responsible for this abomination, along with “We Are The World,” another song in the same vein. I guess with all the cocaine use in the 80’s, we all had to feel guilty for something.


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