Pink’s Marital Woes Inspire New Album

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(credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

(credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

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Pink sure knows how to write an angry breakup song. You can thank her hubby, Carey Hart, for that.

Yes, Pink is in love with Carey, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t push her buttons. She told Billboard she’s been in a relationship with Carey for ten years and it will never be perfect, which isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to songwriting.

“Carey always jokes, ‘You’re always just mad enough at me to write a song,’” she said. “Yep. Thanks, baby, you’re my muse.”

Pink’s been using her relationship problems as songwriting fodder since 2008’s Funhouse. After a brief split from Carey that same year, Pink wrote “So What” in which she sings, “I guess I just lost my husband/ I don’t know where he went.” She even got a chance to diss Carey to his face when she hired him to appear in the video.

On her upcoming album, The Truth About Love, due out Sept. 18, Pink still isn’t sugarcoating her previous marital problems. Instead she turns them into catchy songs like “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and the vengeful “How Come You’re Not Here,” which is about a relationship Carey had after they separated.

Though the two reconciled a year later, Pink hadn’t quite forgotten about his past indiscretion. She told Rolling Stone that Hart’s first response to the song was, “F***. We can put that to bed now, right?” Pink’s response? Yes, but not until after the world tour.

The moral of the story is Pink may forgive, but she definitely doesn’t forget.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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