Aerosmith Talk “Oh Yeah”

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photo credit: Maria Ives

photo credit: Maria Ives

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“Oh Yeah” is one of the songs from Aerosmith’s upcoming album, Music From Another Dimension that the band played in concert during their summer tour. In the video below, Joe Perry discuses bringing the song to the band. What was supposed to end up as a funk-driven pop song actually ended up sounding like a vintage Aerosmith, riff-heavy track that you’d find on Rocks or Toys In The Attic

The new album hits stores Tuesday, November 6th (don’t forget to vote that day, by the way). And if you missed the music video for “Legendary Child,” the first single from the record, you can find it right here!

Or click here to see the Aerosmith: “The Making of Music From Another Dimension” – Episode 5.

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