What 6 People Are Saying About Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

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(Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images)

(Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images)

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In a new article from Rolling Stone, producer Butch Vig reveals some insight into the recording of Nirvana‘s Nevermind:

“They were living in this apartment complex, and it was chaos,” Vig remembers. “There’d be graffiti on the walls, and the couches were upside down. They’d stay up every night and go down to Venice Beach until six in the morning. I’d go into the studio at noon and they’d wander in around four.”

When asked if he knew what he was getting in to, Butch says, “The week before I flew to L.A. [to produce Nevermind], Kurt sent a cassette, which was done on a boombox.” He continues, “It was really terrible sounding. You could barely make out anything. But I could hear the start to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ and I knew it was amazing.”

You can read the full article on Rolling Stone here, and check out what 6 people on Twitter are saying about Nirvana’s Nevermind below:

If you dig Nirvana’s Nevermind, check out the Dave Grohl documentary about the studio where they recorded the album: Sound City. You can read our review of Sound City here, and yeah, it’s the digital age, you can stream the Sound City soundtrack here.

- Adam Greenwald, JACK-FM/Minneapolis

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