Will We Have An American Pope? Maybe!

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(Credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

(Credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

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It’s March Papal Madness! Who will be the next pope? Could it possibly be an American?

In the past, the idea of an American pope has been kiboshed mostly because America’s power has been pretty masterful already. Imagine if we had a direct line to the man up above as well?

Out of the holy people under consideration it’s not totally unreasonable that the next pope should hail from the United States especially since there are two American cardinals vying for the position. There has never been an American pope.

The two American Cardinals up for the papacy are Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a pretty popular archbishop from New York and Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, an archbishop from the competing town of Boston. So far, the Spanish-speaking, “Capuchin” Cardinal O’Malley is coming up tops on the polls.

What is this? 1817? Sounds like a BBC America show in the making. Go ahead. Steal the idea. We’re too lazy to make it happen anyway.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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