Teacher Fired For Bikini Photos

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A high school English teacher in Martin County, Florida was fired after she posed for bikini modeling pictures.

Olivia Sprauer, 26, was aware of the risk she was taking in posing for the risque bikini photos. She tells the Huffington Post, “Lots of teachers get fired or asked to resign for the same things I did. I knew I didn’t want to come back next year and I knew I wanted to go to grad school so I decided if I made it to the end of the year I would be happy.”

The teacher of freshman and juniors was called into the principal’s office on April 29th and asked to confirm her identity in one of her photos. She was then asked to resign that day.

Sprauer still feels as if she did nothing wrong. She says, “I don’t make pornography. I don’t open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography.”

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