Lost Dog Lured Home With Bacon

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Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

Everyone loves bacon, including dogs. From the taste to the aroma, there is something that lures us to the source of that bacon-y deliciousness. That lure is what recently reunited a foster family with a wayward pitbull.

Misty had been abused by her previous owners, and she had been staying with a foster family in Morris County, NJ when she disappeared last Friday. Huffington Post reports that Erin Earley-Hamilton, Misty’s adoptive mom, and volunteers from New York’s Second Chance Rescue searched the woods for Misty, but no one could locate the 9-month old puppy.

As it turns out, Misty loves bacon. Armed with this knowledge, one volunteer suggested cooking bacon in the backyard. The wafting smell of the delicious meat lured Misty back home to her waiting family.

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