Steven Tyler Loves All Ya ‘Freaks’ On Twitter

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Mark Davis/Getty Images

Mark Davis/Getty Images

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65-year-old Steven Tyler proves that age is just a number. Oh, and a few hundred wrinkles that he hides with his silk scarves and hair feathers, but the Aerosmith rocker has more energy than more 25-year-olds we know.

Instead of shying away from social media like many other aging rockers, Tyler has a pretty active social media presence and loves to follow up-and-coming talents via the world wide web. No wonder he was such an encouraging judge on American Idol. It was already something he did.

“I look at it. I like to see what’s trending. I like to see what’s – I mean, there’s some freaks,” Tyler told The Cut via Music-News. “I do. Not all the time, but you know, I like to look. I like to keep up with what’s going on, especially with Hikakin. He’s a beatboxer. So we drag him out to do something with us, and this guy named Marquese Scott. But you know, just nuts, and I love it.”

Which is awesome but Tyler still has some paranoia that people specifically the government are spying on us all through the internet.

“Yeah, I have. I always thought that once they invented credit cards and so forth, that there was a whole hidden agenda. You can either be naive and not think so, or you can smarten up and know that there is,” said Tyler. “And once there’s a thing called the Internet, of course it can get tapped into. It just can. I always knew it could, so.”

So, maybe stop doing things on the internet?  And maybe chill on the all-caps.

In the meantime, check out Steven Tyler’s Twitter at @IamStevenT.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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