Puppy Chews Off His Owner’s Toes

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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You know puppies. They will chew/snack on anything they can reek their little wiggly furry adorable terror on. Electrical wires, chocolate, razors, anything bad for them. Limes that make them headbang.

Puppies love to enjoy the moment. And, well, if that means eating your owner’s gangrene ridden toes than so be it. A puppy has got to do what a puppy has got to do.

Roger Brown in Indiana woke up with two of his toes–the small one and the big one–chewed off by his 6-month-old pitbull puppy Bo.

Brown apparently didn’t feel the midnight snacking because he’s diabetic and had a foot infection.

The family is looking at this as the puppy’s way of just helping out the suffering man as animals are wont to do with loved ones in pain.

Maybe the puppy confused Mentos with “men toes?” We blame Foo Fighters.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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