Tom Petty Excited To Release New Album

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Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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62-year-old Tom Petty last released a full-length album, Mojo, in 2010, but him and his crew said that they’re almost done with the new album. In an interview with Rolling Stone via Gibson, Petty enthusiastically announced that he’s “tremendously excited for this one. It’s not like anything we’ve ever done.”

Petty is known for his cutting-edge take on classic rock with an Americana twang, but he thinks “people are gonna like” his new untitled album despite his described differences of it coming from a “blues place” and “more distorted.”

“I think people are gonna like it,” said Petty. “We’re at a place where we’re nearly done with it. I didn’t play anything [live] because I’ve worked so hard on the sound of the record, I don’t want people’s first impression to be over YouTube, you know? We’re nearly done with it so I would think early next year, it’ll be out.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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