Jimi Hendrix Statue Vandalized, Two Arrests Made

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Rachel Ayres/KZOK, Seattle

Rachel Ayres/KZOK, Seattle

Two men are in custody for their alleged connection in the defacing of Seattle’s Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill. The vandalism comes on the 43rd anniversary of his death.

The men, who were reportedly drunk at the time , strolled into an art supply store that shares the sidewalk with the statue and purchased spray paint. They then tagged the the statue before moving on to nearby construction equipment and neighborhood buildings, according to Seattle Police.

The suspects made their way downtown and were stopped by transit police who had been notified of the disturbance. Responding Seattle Police officers were able to positively identify the men based off witness statements and surveillance footage from the art supply store. Both suspects also had blue paint on their hands and clothes.

Thanks to the help of the statue’s owners and Hunters Capital, developers working on a nearby construction project, a cleanup initiative is planned Thursday with a team to remove the paint.

— Chris Coyle, KZOK

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