Listen to Beck’s New, Slow Song ‘Waking Light’

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(Peter Hapak/ Columbia Records)

(Peter Hapak/ Columbia Records)

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By Jeremy D. Larson

Meet the new Sea Change, same as the old Sea Change. Beck‘s new album Morning Phase, due out Feb 22, is a warm, lapping wave of folk and psychedelia. You’ve already heard “Blue Moon” from the album, and now you can fall into the new one “Waking Light.”

In a new interview with NPR, Beck talks about the process of making his twelfth studio album, which comes after several ambitions musical performances on projects including remaking classic albums (including one by Yanni) releasing an album entirely on sheet music and recreating David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” with a giant orchestra for an advertisement for Lincoln automobiles.

One thing you won’t find on Morning Phase are any fast songs.

“I think at one point we realized there was nothing faster than 60 BPMs,” said Beck.

He also brought up a common saw among songwriters, that everyone needs to write bad songs to eventually write good songs.

“I kind of wish there was more room for people to make bad records — just make a couple bad ones, you know, to get to the good stuff. I think it’s part of the process.”

And while you may want to call this song and his new album “folk” music, Beck’s own definition of the word may not lump his music in with the term “folk.”

“That’s such a strange term now, folk music,'” he says, “because the folk music now is just people making things on laptops at home, you know, with some software they downloaded for free. It’s the same impulse. But music made on acoustic instruments, I mean, that’ll never go away.”

Read the rest of the interview at NPR and listen to the song below and check out the tracklist below.

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