Ted Talk: 16 Most Provocative Quotes From Our Ted Nugent Interview

Let’s say that you don’t have the time to read our entire 4,000 word interview with Ted Nugent. Or, perhaps, as someone from the opposite side of the political fence, 4,000 words may be a bit much – but you just want to get to the meaty parts (some pun intended). Some of the stuff he says is, well, crazy. Other things are pretty sensible (and they tend not to be the ones that get widely circulated). Here, then, are some highlights from Radio.com‘s very own “Ted Talk.”


Don’t mess with Detroit… or anyone from Detroit: “I come from Detroit, and you don’t say ‘No thank you’ to someone who is trying to hurt or rob you: you shoot them between the eyes! I suppose if you want to bend over and be a victim, shooting someone between the eyes comes off as really outrageous.”

He considers his music R&B, but not the Nicki Minaj/Chris Brown version: “Isn’t my music the last of the real rhythm and blues? Isn’t it great? It’s because of my musicians, we were weaned on Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, all the founding fathers, the gods of thunder, who invented the foundation and the pulse of the greatest music in the world!”

He may not have heard Daft Punk (or he just doesn’t like them): “I say this as a cute statement, but it’s actually undeniable: when was the last really cool song you heard from France? You can’t do this [kind of music] in France! You can’t create [rock and roll] anywhere but America, where you’re free to express yourself!”

Read more on Radio.com.


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