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(Photo Credit: Adam Greenwald / 104.1 JACK-FM)

JACK-FM At The MN State Fair 2014

JACK’s at the MN State Fair? No wonder everything smells like manure.



JACK’s Inside Track: Kid Rock

The Kid NEVER disappoints live, and this weekend’ll be no different!

104.1 JACK-FM–08/22/2014

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Foo Fighters Tease New Song, Talk Music with Barack Obama in ‘Sonic Highways’ Trailer: Watch

“I really believe that the environment in which you write or record an album influences the musical result.”


(credit: Getty Images/Robyn Beck)

JACK’s Inside Track: Katy Perry

From Rolling Stone covergirl to Target Center tomorrow night!

104.1 JACK-FM–08/21/2014

(credit: CBS)

Black Helicopters Over Twin Cities Have Some Asking Questions

A military training exercise has some in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul looking to the skies and asking questions.



JACK’s Inside Track: BTO

Looks like Tim Bachman’s pullin’ a Gary Glitter…

104.1 JACK-FM–08/20/2014

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Good Question: How Do They Determine If Deadly Force Was Justified?

Nine days after their son was killed by a Ferguson police officer, Michael Brown’s family now says they are convinced the officer who shot him should be punished.


Screenshot Courtesy SAM

Foo Fighters Reenact ‘Carrie’ for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Watch

With the help of his fellow Foo Fighters and a little movie magic, Grohl takes on the role of Carrie White, from the classic horror movie based on Stephen King’s first novel.



Jack FM At The Minnesota State Fair

Yep, even JACK FM’S at the fair, which explains why everything smells like manure.



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