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Ladies Claim August For Armpits

Guys have Movember and mustaches to raise awareness for testicular cancer, but the ladies are setting their sights on August.


Photo Credit: Tim Mudd

Dollars Spent, Revenue Generated and Blood Drawn at Comic Con 2013

Two days in, Comic Con 2013 has been filled with pop culture “reveals,” news and offerings show no chance of containment.


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Video: Golf Pros Pull A ‘Happy Gilmore’

If you’re an Adam Sandler fan, and you play golf you have tried a ‘Happy Gilmore’ shot.


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Worst News Reporter Flubs & Bloopers

Some people make mistakes, some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and some people should just find a different day job.


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Justin Bieber, After Peeing In Restaurant Kitchen: ‘F*** Bill Clinton!’

Normally Jack wouldn’t give two sh#t’s about the Biebs, but this story is pretty funny.


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Woman Glues Her Lips Shut

Somewhere out there is a guy with some peace and quiet for once, and a woman who wishes that she’d checked the label before smearing her lips with what turned out to be glue.