Not Fade Away

In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries.

David Bowie, December 1995 (Kevin Mazur/WireImage) David Bowie: A Look Back at His ’90s Era – When He Got Weird Again - By the late '80s, Bowie was an "adult contemporary" artist. Then, Reeves Gabrels helped him return to form. He spoke to about his time with Bowie.
(Fleetwood Mac / Courtesy Rhino) Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ – A Timeless Classic Turns 40 - Their greatest album never seems to get old, and the drama continues today.
david-bowie-low-cover David Bowie’s ‘Low’: His Masterpiece Turns 40 - "Low" wasn't a huge hit, but it was one of his most influential albums.
Jay Dickman / Corbis via Getty Images Led Zeppelin’s ‘Song Remains the Same,’ 40 Years Later - While most bands saw live albums as a chance to put their greatest hits together, backed by applause, Led Zeppelin took a very different approach.
Prince (Bertrand Guay/Getty Images) Prince: Looking Back at ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ 25 Years Later - It was the last Prince album that spawned multiple hit singles.
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Amanda Edwards) Red Hot Chili Peppers: A Look Back at ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ 25 Years Later - With "Give It Away," "Under the Bridge" and "Breaking the Girl," it brought the club act to the arena level, where they've stayed for a quarter century.
use-your-illusion-combo Guns N Roses’ ‘Use Your Illusion’: A Look Back at Izzy Stradlin’s Contributions - Izzy Stradlin', who left the band right after the albums, wrote, co-wrote and sang some of the best GNR songs, and it wasn't the same without him.
Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam (Maria Ives for Pearl Jam: How They Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Their Band - This weekend, they celebrate anniversaries of two very different albums: "Ten" and "No Code."
Boston Not Fade Away: Boston’s Self-Titled Debut Turns 40 - "Boston" is a classic album that's sold 17 million copies. But the song "Rock and Roll Band" is all lies.
MCA/Gasoline Alley Sublime’s Self-Titled Album Turns 20: The Album That Almost Wasn’t - Over the course of several interviews we discovered that "Doin' Time" almost never came to be, that producer David Kahne almost quit, and that the album almost never saw the light of day.
Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss of KISS (Getty Images) Not Fade Away: KISS’s Debut Album Turns 40 - We spoke to the Demon himself about the album that started it all.
pretenderslearning.jpg Not Fade Away: The Pretenders’ ‘Learning To Crawl’ - With only half of the original lineup, the band came back with a classic album.
The Beatles in 1964 (Getty Images) Not Fade Away: ‘Meet The Beatles’ Holds Up, 50 Years On - We take a look at the album that helped the Beatles to take over America.
bob-dylan-the-times.jpg Not Fade Away: Bob Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are A-Changin” 50 Years Later - We take a look at Dylan's folk classic just as 'Inside Llewyn Davis' brings attention to the early '60s folk scene.
(Sony Music) Not Fade Away: The ‘Philadelphia’ Soundtrack Helps Change the National Conversation - Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young's contributions to the soundtrack were important to the film... and to the marketing of the film.
(Scott Gries/Getty Images) Not Fade Away: Revisiting ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ & the Riff that Saved Black Sabbath - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of great albums as they celebrate significant anniversaries. Here, we look back at Black Sabbath's fifth album, 1973's 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.'
(Yes 90125) Not Fade Away: Yes Reinvent Themselves With ‘90125’ - A new member totally changed the band's sound in 1983.
(Courtesy of Geffen Records) Not Fade Away: Guns N’ Roses Covers Album “The Spaghetti Incident?” Turns 20 and Is Totally Not Bad - The hubbub came mainly from the album's “hidden track,” where Axl Rose performed an acoustic version of Charles Manson's “Look At Your Game, Girl.” Rose wasn't shy about his love for Manson, rocking shirts with the singers' face during the Use Your Illusion tour. The song...well, there's a reason it's hidden: It doesn't add to the album, and feels tacked on solely to gain attention.
u2_under_a_blood_red_sky.jpg Not Fade Away: U2 Set Their Sights On America With ‘Under A Blood Red Sky’ - Their June 5, 1983 concert at the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado would prove an important step in taking them from their underground roots and their Springsteen-ian ambitions. They filmed the show for a live "home video" (as they were called in those pre-DVD days), Live At Red Rocks; two of the songs from that would also be used for the Under A Blood Red Sky EP (which also included performances recorded in Boston and Germany).
genesis_.jpg Not Fade Away: Genesis’ 1983 Album Splits The Difference Between Prog And Pop - We spoke to producer Hugh Padgham about the album that took the band from being a progressive rock group to a pop juggernaut, though with one foot still planted firmly in their experimental roots. Plus: what hip-hop song proved to be the inspiration of "Mama?"
keith_richards_talk_is_cheap_.jpg Not Fade Away: Did Keith Richards’ Solo Album ‘Talk Is Cheap’ Save The Stones? - How did Duran Duran lead to Steve Jordan working on Keith Richards' solo debut? In a interview, Jordan also says he's been recording with Richards again on a solo project. "We’re working on it now, it's really pretty amazing."
john_mellencamp_uh_huh.jpg Not Fade Away: John Mellencamp Reclaims His Name (And Creative Control) With ‘Uh-Huh’ - In which the former 'Johnny Cougar' loses the record label interference and gains his real last name…and a new fan in Matthew McConaughey. Mellencamp's longtime guitarist Mike Wanchic tells the story behind the album.
Provided Photo Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell,’ 30 Years After MTV Brought It to the Masses - If you were one of the fortunate households to have MTV in late 1983 and through 1984, you knew every inch of Billy Idol. It was in those nascent years of the channel that Idol's career was launched, and an album took him from clubs at the first start of the tour, to stadiums at end.
billy_joel_piano_man_lp_cover_.jpg Not Fade Away: Gavin DeGraw Talks Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ - DeGraw's debut was three decades after Joel's, but that dilute the man's impact: "I feel like I'm seeing things through his eyes when he sings his songs."
rolling_stones_undercover.jpg Not Fade Away: ‘Undercover’ Leads To The Rolling Stones’ ‘World War III’ - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries.
(Courtesy of RCA) Not Fade Away: The Strokes’ ‘Room on Fire’ Turns 10 - It was late October of 2003 when the Strokes released the band’s second album, Room on Fire. The album was recorded over the summer of that year, after two solid years on the road supporting their wildly received debut, Is This It.
selling_england_by_the_pound_sellingengland.png Not Fade Away: Genesis Prog-Rock Masterpiece ‘Selling England By The Pound’ Turns 40 - The 1973 Genesis release 'Selling England By The Pound.' Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett offers insight into what made the album so unique.
elton-goodbyeyellowbrickroadeltonjohngoodbyeyellowbri.png Not Fade Away: Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – His Ultimate Album? - To paraphrase the Ringo Starr classic, it don't always come easy, and that was the case with Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."
fishbone-truth-and-soul Not Fade Away: Fishbone Grew Up on ‘Truth and Soul’ 25 Years Ago - “They should have been the band that went way beyond any of us that were influenced by them.”
bruce-springsteen-the-wild-the-innocent-the-e-st-shuffle Not Fade Away: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle’ Turns 40 - “Someday we’ll look back on this, and it will all seem funny!”
queen.jpg Not Fade Away: Queen’s Debut Turns 40 - This week, as Queen's debut hits the big 4-0, the group will be re-releasing the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.
goats-head-soup-600x600.jpg Not Fade Away: The Rolling Stones’ ‘Goats Head Soup’ Turns 40 - "I think Mick and I were a little dried up after Exile," Keith Richards wrote in his 2010 memoir, Life.
Fredrich Cantor/Courtesy Of Warner Brothers Records Not Fade Away: 25 Years Later, Perry Farrell Talks Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ - Decades after its release, it routinely pops up on “Best Albums Of All Time” charts. But if anyone ever puts together a “Most Deceptively Titled Albums Of All Time,” Nothing’s Shocking may top that one.
metallica-and-justice-for-all Not Fade Away: Metallica’s World Domination Begins With ‘…And Justice For All’ - You could hear the complaining about 35 seconds in. Metallica’s feverishly-anticipated follow-up to their breakthrough 1985 album Master Of Puppets started out pretty well
lynyrd-skynyrd-pronounced-leh-nerd-skin-nerd.jpg Not Fade Away: ‘Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd’ Gives Birth To Southern Rock - Calling a genre "southern rock" is a bit redundant, if you ask Gregg Allman, whose group, the Allman Brothers Band, is part of the movement.
billy_joel_the_river_of_dreams_.jpg Not Fade Away: Famous Last Words: Billy Joel’s ‘River Of Dreams’ - From the Who to Jay-Z, from Phish to Ozzy Osbourne, popular music’s history is rife with giants who claimed to wave goodbye and take their last bows
black-sabbath-born-again.jpg Not Fade Away: Black Sabbath + Deep Purple = ‘Born Again’ - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades. Here, we focus on Black Sabbaths 1983 post-Dio-era curio 'Born Again.'
billy joel an innocent man Not Fade Away: Billy Joel ‘An Innocent Man’ - 'An Innocent Man' brought Joel back to multi-platinum status. It has gone on to be one of his best sellers, and it holds up to the rest of his enviable catalog.
stevie_wonder_innervisions.jpg Not Fade Away: Stevie Wonder Comines Matters Of The Hear And The World On ‘Innervisions’ - Pretty much everything you love about Stevie Wonder is here: romantic songs and social commentary; soaring ballads and badass funk. It features Stevie as a one-man band and also shows him collaborating with others (including backing singer Lani Groves, bassist Willie Weeks, and guitarist Dean Parks). He croons sweetly, and he belts it out with righteous fury. He gets experimental with the then-new ARP synthesizer, but also he also plays beautiful piano. And let's not forget his relentlessly funky drumming.
zz-top-tres-hombres-cover-700x Not Fade Away: ZZ Top Celebrates ‘Sin, Sand, Suds’ On Their Classic 1973 Album ‘Tres Hombres’ - In 2013, they still refer to themselves as “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.” But after Tres Hombres, there was nothing “little” about ZZ Top.
metallica-kill-em-all-cover1 Not Fade Away: Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Celebrates 30 Years As Metal Prophecy - Sometimes, it takes the rest of the world a while to catch up with what a handful of people know.
u2_zooropa.jpg Not Fade Away: 20 Years Later, How ‘Zooropa’ Changed U2 - If Achtung Baby was, as it has often been described, "the sound of four men chopping down The Joshua Tree," then Zooropa was those same four guys getting drunk and swinging axes at the stump.
srv_texas_flood.jpg Not Fade Away: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble’s ‘Texas Flood’ Turns 30 - In 1983, MTV was probably the single most influential force on the pop charts.
Metallica 'St. Anger' Not Fade Away: Re-evaluating Metallica’s ‘St. Anger,’ 10 Years Later - Lost in all the hoopla about the state of Metallica was the music of Metallica, and they were never as brutal as they were on "St. Anger." We revisit the album on the occasion of its ten-year anniversary.
police-album-synchronicity.jpg Not Fade Away: The Police’s ‘Synchronicity’ Turns 30 - If you were listening to the radio in the summer of 1983, there were two albums you couldn't avoid: one was Michael Jackson's Thriller, and the other was the Police's swan song, Synchronicity.
david-bowie-aladdin-sane.jpg Not Fade Away: David Bowie’s ‘Aladdin Sane’ Turns 40 - "It's almost like the treading-water album," David Bowie said in 1993 of his 1973 classic, Aladdin Sane.
house_of_the_holy_.jpg Not Fade Away: Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses Of The Holy’ Turns 40 - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries.
zz_top_.jpg Not Fade Away: ZZ Top’s ‘Eliminator’ Turns 30 - Was ZZ Top's Eliminator rock's greatest rebranding? There's certainly a solid argument it was.
the_beatles_please_please_me_.jpg Not Fade Away: The Beatles’ ‘Please Please Me’ LP Turns 50 - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries. Here, we take a look at The Beatles' debut LP, Please Please Me.
dark_side_of_the_moon.png Not Fade Away: Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Turns 40 - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades – some iconic, some lesser known – as they celebrate significant anniversaries. Here, […]
Pink Floyd's The Final Cut LP Cover Not Fade Away: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Final Cut’ Turns 30 - In Not Fade Away, we take a look at the legacy of some of the greatest albums of the past few decades -- some iconic, some lesser known -- as they celebrate significant anniversaries.

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