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remy Remy Maxwell Born on the very day that Jimi Hendrix died, Remy Maxwell was destined for greatness. But mediocrity would have to do. Raised on a farm in South Louisiana by free-spirited freaks, Remy was inundated with music from day one.

Weaned on a healthy diet of Zeppelin, Elton John, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell (no, not Ween … they weren’t born yet) and the like wafting from the speakers in the trees, Joni and Elton were quickly replaced by Nugent and KISS, which provided an effortless transition to Van Halen, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction and TOOL to name but a few.

Finally, the impressionable youth’s life calling was made apparent! Since that lucrative gig as an exterminator didn’t pan out, Remy spent his formative years playing in bands in New Orleans, Orlando, and Los Angeles. That never blew up into rock-star-size proportions, so a life behind the mic bouncin’ off the walls doin’ a show on the radio would have to suffice.

During a brief two-year interlude in L.A., he engineered records for such luminaries as Motörhead, Great White, Blind Melon, Irene Cara (FAME, baby!), Keith Sweat (pullin’ jailbait waaay before R.Kelly), and Gerardo. After stints at the ground-breaking KNAC and KLOS in Southern California, the allure of monster mosquitos in the summer and sub-zero ice fishing temperatures in the winter became too tough to ignore. Remy packed up his Harleys, DVD collection, and rolling wet bar and landed in Minneapolis, where he has reigned as rock radio’s premiere “Dirtbag Dujour” for almost a decade.

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JACK’s Inside Track: Guns n’ Roses

I’m still bummin’ that Izzy and Adler aren’t involved in this “reunion”…

104.1 JACK-FM–04/08/2016

(Jesse Grant/Szwajkos/Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: Smashing Pumpkins

Looks like tall bald Billy had a change of heart regarding James Iha recently…

104.1 JACK-FM–04/07/2016


JACK’s Inside Track: Foreigner

Wanna meet the band?

104.1 JACK-FM–04/06/2016


JACK’s Inside Track: I Love The 90’s Tour

Aiight STOP, collaborate and LISTEN!

104.1 JACK-FM–04/05/2016

(Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: Don Henley

What’s an Eagle to do without a nest?

104.1 JACK-FM–04/04/2016


JACK’s Inside Track: Earth Wind & Chicago

Think we’ll get a horn ensemble jam fest onstage tomorrow night between the two legendary bands?!

104.1 JACK-FM–04/01/2016

(Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: National Recording Registry

What does a former disco queen have in common with the Heaviest of Metal records EVER??

104.1 JACK-FM–03/31/2016


JACK’s Inside Track: Moondance Jam 25

Looks like Nikki Sixx is gettin’ antsy ALREADY now that Motley’s kicked the bucket…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/30/2016

Axl Rose of Guns n' Roses (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: GN’R Tour

Yeah, I know we don’t have a date…YET!

104.1 JACK-FM–03/29/2016


JACK’s Inside Track: Lollapalooza ’16

I’ve still got vivid memories of the first Lollapalooza that I caught at Irvine Meadows outside of Los Angeles…TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

104.1 JACK-FM–03/28/2016



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