Five Heartbreaking Adele LyricsWhether she wrote a song, or is singing someone else's lyric, Adele tugs at the heartstrings like few other artists. Here are five of her most tear-jerking moments to date.
Here's Why You Can't Stream Adele's '25'In addition to talking about Danger Mouse, Adele discusses the person that inspired her breakout smash, 'Someone Like You.'
Watch the Video for Adele's New Song 'When We Were Young'This should hold you over until Friday, November 20, when Adele's '25' comes out.
Watch Adele Perform 'Hello' LiveAlso learn the secrets of Adele's Twitter account.
Adele Responds to Damon Albarn's 'Insecure' Comments"It ended up being one of those 'don't meet your idol' moments."
Is Adele's 'Hello' too Similar to Tom Waits 'Martha'?Check out the lyrics and decide for yourself.
Adele Reportedly Approached Apple to Sponsor Her Upcoming TourHowever, she had a very un-Apple request.
Adele Disturbed by Amy Winehouse Doc: "I Kinda Wish I Hadn't Seen It"Adele was heavily influenced by Amy Winehouse; that doesn't mean she wanted to hear her private voicemail messages.
JACK's Inside Track: AdeleShe just set a record for havin' the MOST downloads of "Hello" on Vevo...
Adele Talks 'Toxic' Fame, Social Media, MotherhoodIt's a bit toxic, fame. I've got enough toxins in me body, I don't need any of that!"
Adele to Perform on the BBCNo word yet on how to watch it in the US.
Adele to Perform on 'SNL' in NovemberMatthew McConaughey will host the episode, but all eyes and ears will be on Adele.
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