Ask Jack

Ask Jack 3/30/10

Q: Can animals commit suicide? Eric Baumann – St. Louis Park, MN


Ask Jack 03/22/10

Q: Where do I find the list of songs you played on your new web page? – Anonymous Q: How do I find out what two songs titles were that were played yesterday (3/21)? I […]


Ask Jack 3/18/10

Q: Hey, Jack.  I know you usually opt to answer more “obscure” questions, but I’ve got an issue that could begin causing me some serious problems.  Why do I get REALLY tired around 4 PM […]



Odds are that if you’re reading this, one of two things has happened: 1.)  You’re one of the 104.1 Jack FM faithful and you frequent 2.)  You’re NOT one of the 104.1 Jack FM […]


Ask Jack 03/16/2010

Q: Do you think holidays have become too commercialized?  Christmas has become all about Santa, and St. Patrick’s Day has become all about green beer.  What gives? Steve Palmer — Coon Rapids, MN