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What Happens When You Brew Beer In Space? One 6th Grader Is About To Find Out

Chances are when you hear the word gravity this week, you’ll probably think it’s in reference to Sandra Bullock’s new drama that just opened this past weekend.


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Top 10 Ways To Avoid a Hangover

I turned 30 last weekend. Yep. The speedometer turned over and I’m officially out of that terrible decade that was full of poor decisions, panic attacks, lousy dates and questionable drinking scenarios



Science Working On Hangover Free Beer

Nope you read that headline correctly, all the fun of the beer without fear of the dreaded hangover.



Man Drinks Beer, Has Hiccups For 14 Months

Having hiccups for a few minutes is awful enough, but one man, after a night out drinking beer, has now had hiccups for 14 months, says the Daily Star.


This name is the definition of a no-brainer.

Drink Your Favorite Band Beers

What Sweet Music Is This Beer?


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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Attention beer and hard liquor lovers, you can go ahead and push aside that glass of wine — because just like wine, your beverage of choice has health benefits too.


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Man Makes Beer Stop During Police Chase

Thirsty and on the run? The police can wait a few while you grab a cold one.


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Move Over Nightlight, Here’s A Beer Bottle That Lights Up

Prone to stumbling around in the dark after a long night of drinking? Stumble no more! Now you can line you hallway with illuminated beer bottles to light your way–or use the bottle as a glowstick at a party.


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Beer Pong: Not Just A Dumb Game But A Breeding Ground For Bacteria

News flash: Beer pong is gross and it can make you sick. No, not from drinking too much, although that’s a serious side-effect as any co-ed knows, but because the balls used for beer pong allegedly harbor dangerous bacteria.




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