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Move Over Nightlight, Here’s A Beer Bottle That Lights Up

Prone to stumbling around in the dark after a long night of drinking? Stumble no more! Now you can line you hallway with illuminated beer bottles to light your way–or use the bottle as a glowstick at a party.


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Beer Pong: Not Just A Dumb Game But A Breeding Ground For Bacteria

News flash: Beer pong is gross and it can make you sick. No, not from drinking too much, although that’s a serious side-effect as any co-ed knows, but because the balls used for beer pong allegedly harbor dangerous bacteria.


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The Best Wheat Beers, Period

There exists an unfortunate movement among craft beer enthusiasts (besides awkward Brooklyn hipster dancing).


Hangover Happy Hour: The Worst Drinks To Sneak Into The Theatre

The Hangover 2 is coming out this weekend, and what could be more appropriate that sneaking some drinks into the theater to watch it? However, all drinks are NOT created equal, and some are much […]


Picture of the Day 03.19.10

Actual vintage Schlitz beer ad to start your weekend off right! Source: Keg Works


Ask Jack 03/16/2010

Q: Do you think holidays have become too commercialized?  Christmas has become all about Santa, and St. Patrick’s Day has become all about green beer.  What gives? Steve Palmer — Coon Rapids, MN