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JACK FM – Artist Spotlight: Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi’s New York condo is now on the market.  Asking price – a mere $45 million.  If you can’t afford that, just check out JACK FM’s Artist Spotlight to read about Jon Bon’s […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Richie Sambora

So we’re a little upset that John Bon Jovi never hit us up for this gig… but our guitar skills are lacking due to the fact we’re a radio station and don’t really have hands…


JACK’s Inside Track:Bon Jovi and Apple

Bon Jovi put his foot in his mouth on this one… i guess its not as bad as other places he could have put it…



JACK’s Inside Track: 2010’s Top 5

Remy give you the Inside Track on the top 5 grossing tours of 2010