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Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Threatened To Assassinate Obama

In a 911 call, Stapp’s wife says the Creed frontman left the house on a bike and was shirtless, carrying a backpack filled with documents regarding his Obama plot and tools.



JACK’s Inside Track: Scott Stapp

Uh, someone needs to take their meds…

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Scott Stapp’s Wife Files to Have the Former Creed Singer Institutionalized

Stapp’s wife, who filed for divorce recently, states the former Creed singer is “a paranoid shell who has threatened to kill himself and harm his family.”


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JACK’s Inside Track: Creed

Scott Stapp TRIED to redeem himself in his recent tell-all, “Sinner’s Creed”, but he just can’t quit while he’s ahead…

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What Was The Worst Band Of The ’90s?

According to a totally unscientific and semi-unbelievable reader’s poll conducted by Rolling Stone, the worst band of the ’90s was deemed by readers as ________


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From Axl Rose To John Mayer: Five Classic Onstage Meltdowns

Why make this list of incidents that may make us sad and lose faith in our rock heros? Because like a mountain or a train wreck, they’re there and we cannot look away.


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Top 10 Rock Stars Who Cheated Death

Rock stars are known for getting away with murder, but we’ve rounded up ten of the world’s biggest sonic heroes who’ve found a way of snatching life back from the claws of the Grim Reaper to rock another day.



JACK’s Inside Track: Creed

Scott Stapp must’ve gotten into the wine backstage when he was an Alter Boy at a young age.

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JACK’s Inside Track: Creed

Do ya think Creed learned anything from that 2002 concert debacle where the audience sued ‘em? Probably to hide the free backstage booze from singer Scott Stapp…