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6 Steps To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

Anyone at least slightly familiar with Alice Cooper recognizes the look instantly: messy black hair, Frankenstein-esque makeup, and lots of leather. If you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further.


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Top 13 Halloween Superstitions

Have you ever come across a superstitious person and wondered if perhaps, there was some validity to their fear or belief?


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Top 10 Most Popular 2013 Halloween Costumes So Far

If you’re thinking of going with something topical for your Halloween costume this year, this should help.


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8 Hilarious Halloween Prank Videos For 2013

Halloween is the best time of year to scare your friends. But most people don’t go to such elaborate heights to prank their friends as the folks in these videos do.


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10 Underrated Horror Films For A Perfect Halloween

It’s the beloved time of year again, when thoughts turn to all things dark, monstrous and generally terrifying (no, we’re not talking about the Presidential election).


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Watch Rob Zombie Talk Halloween, Puppies, Metal Culture & His New Sports Movie

Google “Rob Zombie” and you’ll notice that the word “Halloween” is not far from the top of suggested search terms.



5 Deliciously Creepy Halloween Recipes

If you love throwing parties, you learn that making them exciting and unique every time is difficult.


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Top 10 Songs About Halloween

Sugary sweets, mystical drinks, creepy costumes, and haunting decorations deck the halls of nearly every graveyard smash, but celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year requires one ingredient in particular


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Everyday is Halloween for Remy Maxwell

Pre-Halloween Rager dressed as everyone’s Favorite Family O’ Fun, The Devils Rejects…Captain Spaulding immediately stole a car for “Official Clown Business” after this picture was taken.

104.1 JACK-FM–10/29/2012

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Five Frightening Film Scores For Halloween

The Exorcist may be considered by many to be the king of scary movies, but it takes a little more than a possessed and vomit spewing Linda Blair to make it truly horrifying. And what would Psycho be without the percussive stabs of music that take it to an all new level? Take a look at five of the scariest and most suspenseful films of all time that wouldn’t have produced the same amount of chills if it hadn’t been for the amazing music.





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