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Jani Lane

Jani Lane, the talented 47 year old musican/songwriter was announced dead on August, 11th, 2011.  He was an American lead vocalist and frontman of the metal band Warrant. After his controversial split with Warrent, he went on […]


Jack Johnson To Donate Money To Oil-Spill Recovery Efforts

[lastfm]Jack Johnson[/lastfm] has declared that he will be giving $70,000 to the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill recovery efforts.


John Lennon’s Killer’s Parole Gets Delayed

The parole hearing for [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm]‘s assassin, [lastfm]Mark David Chapman[/lastfm], has been postponed to a later date, according to a court official.


Canadian Band Revamps Pink Floyd Classic For Young Iranians

[lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm]‘s ” [lastfm]Another Brick in the Wall[/lastfm]” has been revamped by the Canadian band[lastfm]Blurred Vision[/lastfm] and is now being adopted by young Iranians as a protest song against social restrictions.