JACK’s Inside Track: Katy Perry Postponed

So we have heard here at JACK that Katy Perry will be postponing dates on her tour due to illness… In that case, JACK FM should postpone everyday cause of a hangover


JACK’s Inside Track: Adele

So we were right… Adele WAS just to scared to come play for JACK FM… figures. We kind of do have that effect on people… Look at Katy Perry. And now you get them back […]


JACK’s Inside Track: The Doobie Brothers

So what would have happened if the Doobie Brothers had stuck with “PUD”??? Hey how about… PUD FM???


JACK’s Inside Track: Petty vs. Bachman

So… What does Tom Petty, and Sarah Palin have in common? They both showed up in an Inside Track… Thats a first


JACK’s Inside Track: Amy Winehouse

So here is where we would make a funny funny joke and tell you about the inside track, but unfortunately… our back up singer ran out of juice


JACK’s Inside Track: Metallica

Ahhh Metallica. Proof that the more you whine… the more the cards get played in your favor


JACK’s Inside Track: Coldplay

Every tear drop is a waterfall huh? MORE  like every beer drop is a hangover…


JACK’s Inside Track: Whitesnake

So really, who’s ever seen a white snake??? Seems pretty improbable… well maybe there HAS to be one,  right?


JACK’s Inside Track: Aquatennial Block Party w/ Tonic

So if you didn’t already know… and who would have. Tonic is Rocking out JACK FM’s Aquatenniall Block Party July 15th on Nicollet Mall between 3rd and 4th street


JACK’s Inside Track: JACK FM’s Smokin’ Birthday Boy’s Room

Yep thats right… JACK FM’s Smokin’ Birthday Boy’s Room has finally arrived… dust off your eyeliner pencil, press your bandana, and tell the boys “its gonna be a tight squeeze”