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New Favorite Website…

We have a new favorite website… … besides our own that is. Have you ever had one of those kinds of days where seeing the futility of others will make your day seem a whole […]


We should have been scientists…

It’s probably no big secret, we were lame in school.  It’s not our fault, really… we were just never into the whole Mr. Wizard thing.  But…


How to Cure Boredom

Sure, here in Minnesota, we have to deal with snow 6 months of the year and mosquitos for another 4.  By and by though, we’re a pretty smart and considerate group.  At least you’re not […]


Oh where, oh where has my luggage gone?

The good news about the new airline bagage fees is that they were able to decrease lost bag numbers by 23.8%. The bad news: That still equates to about losing 3000 bags per hour.


D-Bag Identification

We’ve been hearing more and more about them lately:  D-Bags.  They’re EVERYWHERE!  Guys with that stupid spikey Ryan Canbera hair.  Guys wearing bluetooth headsets and Ed Hardy T-shirts.  We think there is now a D-Bag […]


We know what Victoria’s Secret is…

Before you start thinking that we’re just a bunch of pigs, you should know that we’re only posting this item out of a deep civic pride.