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Aerosmith Reschedules Concert, Steven Tyler On Vocal Rest

Just five shows into Aerosmith’s Global Warming tour, the Boston-bred rockers must reschedule a tour stop.


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

What’d you think of JACK FM’s Dad Looks Like a Lady Father’s Day Frenzy? I bet some ‘Smith fans went home and planted the seed to become a father after that show. The POWER of […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith Idol

Wonder why Joe Perry changed his mind about playin’ American Idol after he swore it off for years? Oh, I know–the ability to reach millions of potential Aerosmith record-buyin’ couch potatoes!


(credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Aerosmith Set To Perform On American Idol Season Finale

Aerosmith will perform on the American Idol season finale on May 23rd. The rockers will take advantage of the fact that their singer is a judge on the popular reality program to create hype for […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

Steven Tyler’s choice in beach attire lately is unfortunate–the guy’s a Rock God but is leanin’ towards Grandma-Chic while on vacation. JACK’s Dad Looks Like a Lady Father’s Day Frenzy is quite appropos, don’tcha think?


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

Pretty happy to see that Jack Douglas is back behind the board for the first new Aerosmith record since 2001’s Just Press Play…Jack’s the man resposible for the down’n’dirty production on all the 70’s ‘Smith […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

Steven Tyler’s got his own clothing line now. I guess that’s alright when his fellow Toxic Twin Joe Perry has his own hot sauce line. I guess Joe’s gonna have to become a judge on […]


Aerosmith “Putting Together Riffs, Having Fun, Laughing”

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Aerosmith[/lastfm] collaborator Marti Frederiksen told the band has been very productive during its first few days of working on a new album in California. “It’s been really good, great” … “We’ve been playing […]


Joe Perry ‘Optimistic’ About Aerosmith’s Future

Oh Joe Perry, you keep changing your mind about the state of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Aerosmith[/lastfm]…


Is Steven Tyler Still With Aerosmith?

When Steven Tyler took the job as an American Idol judge, there was talk of Aerosmith replacing him as lead singer.





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