Kid Rock

(credit: Steve Wiseman/CBS Radio Detroit)

Kid Rock Raised $1 Million For Detroit Symphony Orchestra

On paper, it sounds like a crazy idea: Kid Rock and an orchestra, performing together on the same stage? But in actuality, Saturday’s concert proved to be a very successful evening, raising $1 million for […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Kid Rock

Bob Ritchie, Jr. is a Republican. So is his alter-ego, Kid Rock, judging by his Romney Rah-Rah! Rally he played the other night…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Straight out the Trailer and into […]


Kid Rock Reaches Top Spot On The Rock Albums Chart

Will Born Free have any hits as massive as this past summer?


Kid Rock Rips Steven Tyler For American Idol Gig

Apparently [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Steven Tyler[/lastfm]’s new American Idol gig isn’t “Rock Star” enough for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kid Rock[/lastfm].  We would tend to agree, actuallly.


Kid Rock Talks New Album

While performing three sold-out shows in his hometown of Detroit over the weekend, [lastfm]Kid Rock[/lastfm] managed to debut a handful of new tunes and finally reveal that his next album, Born Free, will be out […]


Bookings Available For Kid Rock’s 2011 Chillin’ The Most Cruise

[lastfm]Kid Rock [/lastfm]and Carnival Cruise Line are now accepting reservations for the rocker’s upcoming 2011 Chillin’ The Most cruise. The exclusive event will set sail from New Orleans on April 7 next year.


Kid Rock Joins SixString Guitar Game

[lastfm]Kid Rock [/lastfm]will be featured as part of a new music game featuring a real six-string guitar. Seven45’s new game, Power Gig: Rise of the SixString, is due to hit stores this fall and gives […]


Artist Spotlight: Kid Rock

’’‘Robert James Ritchie’‘’ (born January 17, 1971), known by his stage name ‘’‘[lastfm]Kid Rock[/lastfm]’‘’, is an American singer-songwriter with five Grammy Award nominations. Kid Rock is known for music that fuses rap with heavy metal, […]


Kid Rock Enlists All-Star Collaborators For New Album

[lastfm]Kid Rock[/lastfm]‘s new album Born Free is set to hit stores on September 7. The album will reportedly feature a wide range of collaborators, including [lastfm]Martina McBride[/lastfm], rapper [lastfm]T.I[/lastfm]. and fellow Detroit rocker [lastfm]Bob Seger[/lastfm]. […]