JACK’s Inside Track: Blondie

It’s good to see Debbie Harry hasn’t gone the way of CBGB’s, the seminal NYC punk club that gave Blondie their start. It’s also good to see that she hasn’t lost her peroxide bottle…Grayie just […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel hit the Big Time years ago with Genesis, then stepped away to let diminutive drummer Phil Collins step to the front. Can the two co-exist once again? My Magic 8 Ball says “Try […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Black Sabbath

Two books and a possible reunion? Black Sabbath look to be pretty ambitious in their advancing years…either that or Sharon needs a new 24K bathroom in the guest house.


JACK’s Inside Track: INXS

See what happens when you look for a singer through a network TV talent show? I think American Idol stand-out William Hung would’ve been a great fit for INXS. But that’s just me…


JACK’s Inside Track: P!NK

Singers wanna be actors, and actors wanna be rock stars…you know what happened to the dog that dropped his bone in the creek after seeing another dog with a bone staring back at him? Me […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Jane’s Addiction

Perry Farrel claims he’s “not loaded 24 hours a day, but my angle is still escapism”. That’s why Jane’s called their new album “The Great Escape Artist”, Captain Obvious.


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

Steven Tyler’s got his own clothing line now. I guess that’s alright when his fellow Toxic Twin Joe Perry has his own hot sauce line. I guess Joe’s gonna have to become a judge on […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Gene Simmons Wedding

Amazingly, when it came time to tie the knot for the first time, Gene Simmons didn’t get all “wigged-out”… WIGGED OUT? Get it? Nevermind…


JACK’s Inside Track: Tom Petty

You know you’ve made it when show-biz peers throw a “Fest” in your honor, and you don’t even go…hey, Tom’s a busy man. He’s got money to count.


JACK’s Inside Track: Weezer

The Bermuda Triangle isn’t between Miami and Cozumel, is it? I’d hate for the Weezer Cruise to be lost at sea. What a tragic end for such promising young men and their fans…