JACK’s Inside Track: Rock’nRoll Hall of Fame Nominations

Video footage of Axl “good-naturedly” ribbing Slash has just surfaced…this is a GOOD sign that they’ll reunite! Well, at least at the R&R Hall of Fame induction. That’s IF they make the cut…


JACK’s Inside Track: Bridge School Benefit

Neil Young has been giving back for a quarter-century now–the 25th Anniversary Bridge School Benefit DVD’ll be released soon–also up on the Silver Screen. Nuthin’ like bein’ Unplugged and Charitable.


JACK’s Inside Track: Sly and the Family Stone

Some people just need to be “mobile” at all times…case in point, Sly Stone. At least that’s the reason he’s giving for shackin’ up in his van in the neighborhood that Boyz N the Hood […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Duff McKagan

I’m reading Duff’s book right now…well, not right NOW–I’m typing this RIGHT NOW. But I CAN read. Seriously…


JACK’s Inside Track: Pink Floyd

Looks like Roger Waters is gonna take The Wall on tour again! Guess he needs the money…


JACK’s Inside Track: Sting’s Birthday Bash

Sting says he’s “full of wonder and a sense of joy” at age 60…but also says he’s “always felt old”. Someone call The Police! There’s a walking contradiction in our midst!


JACK’s Inside Track: Nickelback

Chad Kroeger’s got a bathroom you can play baseball in. It’s true–I saw it on Cribs 4 or 5 years ago. Not sure why you’d wanna do that though…


JACK’s Inside Track: Paul McCartney

Looks like Sir Paul’s new ladyfriend took Beyonce’s advice and got the Beatle to “put a ring on it”…she’s single no longer and he better have “put a pre-nup on it”…live and learn, right??


JACK’s Inside Track: Primus

Jerry was a race car driver and Tom Waits saw the twisted genius of Primus 20 years ago when he set sail on the Seas of Cheese with the Bay Area Bozos…


JACK’s Inside Track: REM

Another one bites the dust…no, wait—that’s QUEEN.  REM calls it a day—now we can get another Banyan record!  That Peter Buck…just don’t get him drunk on a plane.