Beady Eye Reveal More Debut Album Details

Every artist likes to have the details of there Debut album kept a secret until the release date. But it might not be a secret for long thanks  to a former Oasis  member


Beady Eye Release ‘Bright The Light’ Video

One half of the Oasis brothers has released a music video with his new band


Noel Gallagher Has Third Child

We’d like to congratulate former Oasis member Noel Gallagher on the arrival of his third child.  Pretty soon he’ll have enough to start his own band.  And we’re pretty sure that’s the plan.


Noel Gallagher To Record This Week

[lastfm]Noel Gallagher[/lastfm] has confirmed that he will return to the studio this week, though it won’t be for his own album. In a recent interview with a U.K. radio show, the former [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] songwriter says […]


Liam Gallagher Promises Best New Album In 50 Years

[lastfm]Liam Gallagher[/lastfm] says the first album from his new band, [lastfm]Beady Eye[/lastfm], will be the best record in the next 50 years.


Liam Gallagher Claims New Band Will Surpass Oasis

[lastfm]Liam Gallagher [/lastfm]recently told London’s Sunday Times that his new band [lastfm]Beady Eye[/lastfm] will be even bigger than [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] was.


Ex-Oasis Singer Guesses Which Song John Lennon May Have Covered

If [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] were to choose one [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] song to cover, [lastfm]Liam Gallagher[/lastfm] guesses it would have been “I’m Outta Time,” from the band’s 2008 album Dig Out Your Soul. The band’s former front man […]


Oasis Film Or Book Might Be On The Horizon

[lastfm]Liam Gallagher[/lastfm] says he’d like to turn his time with the [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] into either a book or film in the near future.


Oasis Singles Album Grabs Top Spot On U.K. Chart

Though they broke up last year, [lastfm]Oasis [/lastfm]has captured their eighth number one album with the release of their new singles collection, Time Flies . . . 1994-2009. According to a new report from Gigwise.com, […]


The Jam’s Paul Weller Designs For Liam Gallagher’s Label

Former [lastfm]Jam[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Paul Weller[/lastfm] has reportedly teamed up with [lastfm]Liam Gallagher [/lastfm]to offer a few designs to the former [lastfm]Oasis[/lastfm] singer’s clothing label, Pretty Green. In a recent interview with Spinner.com, Weller explained that […]