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MN Pedal Pub Attack Leads To 6 Arrests

Six people are now facing assault and disorderly conduct charges after police say they attacked a pedal pub with water balloons and squirt guns.


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Q&A: Stewart Copeland of the Police Speaks on the Gaza Strip Conflict, ‘Fancy Friends’ Jam Sessions, Sting

Copeland has unusual insight into the Gaza Strip conflict because he grew up in Beirut and spent much of his childhood in the Middle East.


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Good Question: How Do They Determine If Deadly Force Was Justified?

Nine days after their son was killed by a Ferguson police officer, Michael Brown’s family now says they are convinced the officer who shot him should be punished.


Tracy Chapman, Sting and Bruce Springsteen on Amnesty International's 1988 tour (Luke Frazza, Getty Images)

Amnesty International Concerts, Featuring Springsteen, Sting, U2, Coming To DVD & CD

Beginning in 1986, the Human Rights Concerts toured the globe to raise funds and awareness of Amnesty International. Acts like Bruce Springsteen, Sting, U2, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and more took the stage to perform for a cause.


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David Cassidy Arrested For DWI… By Tom Jones

Former Partridge Family heartthrob David Cassidy was charged with DWI after tests showed his blood-alcohol content at .10


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Man Calls Police To Report Prostitute’s “False Advertising” About Looks

It’s good to have laws that protect consumers from false advertising.



Cops Say Riding Around Wearing A Thong And Cape Is Legal

If you happen to visit Madison, Wisc. any time soon, keep an eye out for a man wearing thong undies, a cape, and not much else as he tools around on his scooter.


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Man Makes Beer Stop During Police Chase

Thirsty and on the run? The police can wait a few while you grab a cold one.


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Thief In Spider-Man Costume Steals $6,000 In Cash

Like a story out of the gripping pages of a comic book, it appears as if our hero has gone afoul.


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Cops Scare Out Suspects By Barking Like Dogs

Police officers in New Haven, Conn. put some ingenuity and talent to use to flush out two men who had barricaded themselves inside a partially-empty house.