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Honda Pulls April Fools Prank with Selfie Car

The auto giant released a video today titled The HR-V Selfie Edition featuring an upgraded version designed with millennials in mind.



Top 5 Best Office Pranks For Admin Professionals Day

While everyday should celebrate all the hard work professionals put into their workplace, today is legally recognized as Admin Professionals Day!


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Jack FM’s Best April Fool’s Pranks For Your Office

April Fool’s Day… also known as the only day you can be a total ass to people without consequence. It’s a great opportunity to embarrass your boss and coworkers, but it falls on a Sunday this year!


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Girl Scout Troop Facing A Massive Bill After Receiving A Fake 6,000 Box Order

Someone somewhere in Oregon is a real jerk. Two Girl Scout troops thought they had made the sale of a lifetime when a local company ordered 6000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies worth about $24,000.


Pranks That Landed You In Summer School

You were never one to follow the rules. Maybe it was because you always felt a little rebellious growing up… or maybe the cool kids weren’t listening either… or maybe the training videos were always […]