Remy Maxwell

JACK's Inside Track: Sting & Peter GabrielRemember when Sting traded songs with Paul Simon on that joint tour a coupla years ago?
JACK's Inside Track: Firehouse & WingerIn need of an 80's Rock FIX?
JACK's Inside Track: Grammy Awards 2016Oh BOY! It's Music's Big Night again on Monday!!
JACK's Inside Track: CBGB LABFirst, they desecrate a musical landmark by puttin' a high-end boutique in it's place, now they've really gone and done it...
JACK's Inside Track: Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall"When Spike Lee's not talkin' about the Oscars, he's makin' movies about Mike...
JACK's Inside Track: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage FestivalRagin' Cajuns UNITE! AND music fans in general, of course...
JACK's Inside Track: The OffspringEight figure payday for work already done years ago?!
JACK's Inside Track: BOC & StarshipMore TRIANGLE is what I need...
JACK's Inside Track: 50 CentWhatta ya think Fitty thinks of the lack of diversity surroundin' the Oscars this year?
JACK's Inside Track: Black SabbathJust think--if you miss Ozzy Monday night with Sabbath, the next place you'll see him is on the History Channel with his son Jack visiting the Alamo.
JACK's Inside Track: WarNo Cheech and Chong this time, but War is goin' into battle with victory in their eyes next week nonetheless...
JACK's Inside Track: Bowie Memorial ConcertWhat's with the Grim Reaper's itchy trigger finger lately?!

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