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JACK’s Inside Track: Summerfest

The fact that the sun is actually startin’ to emanate HEAT means outdoor festivals are upon us!

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Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill (Def Jam, 1986)

JACK’s Inside Track: Beastie Boys

The Beasties have been in the news lately…and lawsuits are the main reason.

104.1 JACK-FM–03/31/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Decline of the Western Civilization

Finally! My 3rd generation VHS copies can be retired!

104.1 JACK-FM–03/30/2015

Van Halen Press Conference To Announce Their New Tour

JACK’s Inside Track: Van Halen

YES, the tour’s been announced…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/27/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

And SPEAKIN’ of movies, I haven’t been THIS excited to see one since Operation Dumbo Drop…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/26/2015

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JACK’s Inside Track: Led Zeppelin

Who’s up for a movie?

104.1 JACK-FM–03/25/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Muse

Sounds like somebody’s been listenin’ some ’90s-era Marilyn Manson…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/24/2015

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: Maroon 5

They’ve come a long way from Kara’s Flowers, wouldn’t you say?

104.1 JACK-FM–03/23/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Bret Michaels

Another chance for you to get your “I SAW BRET MICHAELS!” card punched…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/20/2015

Incubus (Photo: Brian Bowen Smith)

JACK’s Inside Track: Incubus

Brandon Boyd was an early Man Bun prognosticator, and I’ll continue to hold that against him for years to come

104.1 JACK-FM–03/19/2015