Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Sebastian Bach To Get Married Next Month, Reception Tickets Available

Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row, will marry Suzanne Le next month, and you’re invited.



JACK’s Inside Track: Sebastian Bach

Which side of the fence do you stand on–Bas’ or Skid Row’s?

104.1 JACK-FM–05/11/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Sebastian Bach

It’s the million dollar question: Will Bas ever get back together with Skid Row?

104.1 JACK-FM–08/13/2014

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Watch Sebastian Bach Become Adam Levine, Sing ‘Moves Like Jagger’ for New Reality Show

Thanks to an upcoming reality show called Sing Your Face Off, fans will get a chance to see Sebastian Bach show off his moves like Mick Jagger.


Sebastian Bach (Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images)

JACK’s Inside Track: Sebastian Bach

Really?! Has it come to this?

104.1 JACK-FM–06/02/2014

Sebastian Bach (Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images)

Sebastian Bach Was Onced Tapped To Be Motley Crue’s Frontman

In an alternate musical universe, Sebastian Bach could have been the frontman of a little band named Motley Crue.



JACK’s Inside Track: Mankato Koncerts

See what I did there? Changing the “C” in “Concerts” to “K” to go with the whole ManKato thing?

104.1 JACK-FM–08/01/2013


JACK’s Inside Track: Kings of Chaos

I can’t help it…I’m a Sucker for a Supergroup!

104.1 JACK-FM–06/26/2013

Sebastian Bach (Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images)

Kings of Chaos Supergroup Featuring Members Of GNR, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Deep Purple & More Making EP

You haven’t seen a truly-uber supergroup until you’ve seen the newest in the talent laden Kings of Chaos.


JACK’s Inside Track: Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach just encountered the WORST one-night-stand of his illustrious career in ROCK…she went by the name of Irene.