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Tom Morello (Maria Ives for Radio.com)

Tom Morello and His New Label Are ‘Making Music with a Purpose’

In our interview, Morello explains his friendship with Ted Nugent, describes his relationship with Chris Cornell and reveals why he wants Bassnectar to stop talking about his album.


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Ted Nugent on Kanye West: ‘I Just Don’t Get It’

For Ted Nugent, hip-hop just doesn’t rock his socks off like the Rolling Stones or ZZ Top.


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Ted Nugent Added to Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jam Lineup

Trace Adkins, Ted Nugent and more have been added to the 40th Volunteer Jam.


Kid Rock (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ted Nugent Posts Picture of Kid Rock with Dead Endangered Lion

In Michigan, which Kid Rock and Nugent both call home, the dead lion is considered endangered and is protected by law.


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Ted Nugent Weighs in on Ferguson: ‘Plague of Black Violence Has Infested Our Inner Cities’

“A plague of black violence has infested our inner cities,” Nugent continued, “yet our national propaganda ministry has chosen to ignore the gory details of this plague.”


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Ted Talk: 16 Most Provocative Quotes From Our Ted Nugent Interview

“I come from Detroit, and you don’t say ‘No thank you’ to someone who is trying to hurt or rob you: you shoot them between the eyes!”


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Interview: Ted Nugent is a Smart, Reasonable, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nut-Job

“I didn’t invent ‘adorable,’ but I think I perfected it, right here in front of you.”


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Idaho Indian Tribe Cancels Ted Nugent Concert Citing His ‘Racist Views’

Ted Nugent is known for causing a stir with his colorful comments, but now one town is taking action against the rocker’s hate speech by hitting him where it hurts the most: his wallet.


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Ted Nugent Blasts Obama for Releasing ‘Subhuman Mongrel’ in Bergdahl Exchange But Uses Wrong Photo

As new music from Ted Nugent trickles out into the open, the Motor City Madman is still up to his old opinions when it comes to the President of the United States.