Ted Nugent

Palin Joins Rally For WV Republican Candidate For Senate John Raese

Ted Nugent: “Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse”

Ted Nugent keeps making news, although it hasn’t been for his music. The Motor City Madman has posted a lengthy essay on his website, “Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse.” In it, he addresses […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Ted Nugent

Hmmm…Uncle Ted pleads guilty to illegally killing a bear a coupla years ago and the Secret Service close the case on him…okay. I see how this works…


Ted Nugent Fined For Baiting Deer On TV Show

Rock star and gun rights advocate [lastfm]Ted Nugent[/lastfm] was fined $1,750 Friday in Yuba County Superior Court after pleading no contest to a charge of baiting deer on his hunting show “Spirit of the Wild.” […]


Ted Nugent Paid Meatloaf $1,000 To Sing On Free For All Album

[lastfm]Meat Loaf[/lastfm] revealed in a recent interview that he was paid a meager sum of $1,000 to sing on [lastfm]Ted Nugent[/lastfm]‘s 1976 Free for All album.




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