The Offspring

JACK's Inside Track: The OffspringThe OC pop-punkers are pullin' serious dough these days on music they recorded over 20 years ago...
The Offspring Put on Fight Club for Clowns in 'Coming For You' Video: WatchSo, a mime breaks up a fight club for clowns. No, really, that's what happens in The Offspring's twisted video for their latest single "Coming For You."
JACK's Inside Track: The OffspringYup, "Come Out and Play" is offically LEGAL this year...
The Offspring Debut Animated Action Flick for 'Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens': WatchThe Offspring have melded two tracks from their 2012 Days Go By album to make one butt-kicking animated action video.
JACK's Inside Track: The OffspringSecret to Success: Having a two guys named Dexter and Noodles in your band.
Hot Stuff: 5 Rock Sauces To Fire Up The SummerWith summer finally upon us, America’s collective thoughts turn towards all things fun under the sun – lazy days at the beach, pool parties, backyard barbeques, the Fourth of July… you get the picture.
JACK's Inside Track: The Offspring
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