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JACK Loves Baseball & Food

Jack went to Target Field and got a chance to take a taste at some of the new food coming for this Twins baseball season!  Take a peek!


JACK’s Inside Track: Aerosmith

Remy has the inside track about Areosmith… well steven tyler at least


Kirby the Kestrel?

We all saw the video of the Kestrel Falcon at the Twins game at Target Field the other night, right?  If not, click the “more button” to see the video and more BREAKING news about […]


Check out this rad video of Target Field!

Everyone’s pumped for outdoor baseball, but Target Field came from humble beginnings. We wonder if any of the other MLB stadiums will tease Target Field for its former status as a parking lot.  No joke. […]


Ask Jack 4/7/10

Q: The Twin Cities is really buzzing about the Twins’ new stadium right now.  Target Field opens in less than a week.  Have you been there?  Did you go to any of the exhibition games […]


New Twins Road Uniforms??

Word ’round the campfire is that when the Minnesota Twins open the 2010 season tonight against the Angels of Aneheim… of Los Angeles… of Planet Earth (That’s their new EVEN LONGER official name), they will […]


We know what Victoria’s Secret is…

Before you start thinking that we’re just a bunch of pigs, you should know that we’re only posting this item out of a deep civic pride.