JACK’s Inside Track: Vanilla Ice

So… if you’re not able to buy a house from him… I’m sure Vanilla Ice would sell you the outfit he wore in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II


JACK’s Inside Track: Van Halen

So when we hear Van Halen was reforming for upcoming shows in Australia… we wondered if it was Eddie and the whole sha-bang, or if David Lee Roth was just going to show up with […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Van Halen

Remy has the most exciting new yet from Van Halen and it includes the Smithsonian???


JACK’s Inside Track: Sammy Hagar

Remy on bands, booze and riches… not his own of course. JACK’s Inside Track is coming to you like a bat out of a hat… or whatever other weird analogy you may want to make […]


JACK’s Inside Track: Van Halen

Van Halen back with another album… FINALLY!!! Remy give you all the latest